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                                       The virtual job fair provides an opportunity for job-seekers to connect with potential employers in an environment similar to a traditional job fair
                                       setting but using technology to job search online. This saves money, time and resources for job-seekers. It also makes it easier to connect with
                                       employers and keep you updated on what is going on in the local labour markets no matter where you live in the province.

                                       This page will provide information on how virtual job fairs work and how to use it as part of your job search strategy.

​                                       It is free for job-seekers to participate but you must be legally able to work in Canada (Canadian citizen, permanent resident or hold a current
                                       work visa) to participate in this event. If you live outside Canada and are interested in moving to New Brunswick, you must apply through
                                       Canadian Immigration and Citizenship.



1. Contact a WorkingNB office to connect with an Employment Counsellor. They can assist you with your job search and career plans.

2. The Province of New Brunswick has partnered with Magnet to provide this recruitment and job matching tool that is free to use for all employers and job-seekers. The skills-based matching is making it easier than ever for employers to find talent with the right skills and qualifications, and for job-seekers to find meaningful opportunities.  A good strategy is to register and create your detailed job-seeker profile prior to the virtual job fair.

Create your profile today by visiting and select the region in which you are looking for opportunities.

Once you have a profile, you can affiliate yourself to any of the other communities simply by selecting the community and logging into your account. This will allow you to receive even more matches, messages notifying you of job fairs, services, etc.  

You must register for the event before you can attend. You only need to do it once and the email you use to register with will be you login for future visits. Use an actual email as this will be how employers can contact you and where the information you upload from the event will go. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone but the employers and Province of New Brunswick staff who are running the event. If you have questions or concerns, see the Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.

WorkingNB Virtual Job Fair

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   To maximize your experience, there are a few things you should do to prepare for the event;

   1.  Update your resume and cover letter. If you have a copy of it in (.pdf ) format, it will be much easier to upload and present to employers.

   2.  Provide an actual email that you frequently use. You have the ability to download information and resources from the job fair and they are sent to your email.

   3.  You can include a photo of yourself when you register for the event. It is not required.

    4. You can add a LinkedIn profile if you want to provide employers with more information about your skills and experience, but it is not required.
Auditorium: You can watch career-related videos and presentations on-demand.

Exhibit Hall: This is where the employers and select government departments have booths set up for you to visit. If you have a question or would like to discuss employment opportunities with a representative, you can network with someone via text chat in real time (during live event hours).

Resource Lounge: You can download resources to help you with your job search.

WorkingNB: Explore the resources and job search/career assistance available to job seekers and employers through the WorkingNB employment offices across New Brunswick.

Other features: There are maps to help you with navigation, online help desk if you have questions and a few interesting features you will have to visit the job fair to discover.

Additional Things That Can Help You Find Employment in New Brunswick

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