Employer/ Exhibitor Resources

                                       This resource section will provide you with an overview of what the platform will look like, tools to help you attract good candidates and promote
                                        your brand. There are a few things you should prepare before participating in the event:

    Obtain a good quality .jpeg version of your company logo that can be uploaded to your exhibitor booth
    Prepare your job postings so they can be viewed by the visiting job seekers. They should be .doc or .pdf format
    Prepare any handouts or promotional material you wish to have available in your booth. Should be .pdf format
    If you have a corporate video describing what your company does, it should be included. This is an effective tool that will add value to your exhibitor's booth.
    Identify staff members who will be available to answer online chat requests the day of the event.

    The construction of your exhibitor booth is very quick and easyEvent coordinators will assist you in getting it ready and letting you preview it before the event.

Exhibitor Booth Example
Your booth will be customized to your organization based on the content you provide. The picture to the left is an example of an employer booth. The monitor screens are interactive objects that the job seeker will select to download information and/or watch video content you provide.If you don't have some elements (such as a corporate video) other information can be substituted in that space.

When a job seeker wants to speak with you, they will select the chat feature and you will be notified on your login device (smartphone or computer). You simply answer the notifier and converse with the person the same way you would text on your smartphone or through a program such as Microsoft Lync.

If you get a question that you cannot address, the event organizer will be online during the event to answer questions and help direct visitors to where they need to go based on their questions.

It is asked that you have multiple staff people present in your booth during the live event to keep chat waiting times short for job seekers.
Additional Resources
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Using Social Media to Attract Candidates
Employment Programs and Services 
New Brunswick Labour Market Information

Connect with an Employment Development Office in your Region

Virtual Job Fair Tips For Employers/Exhibitors
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it free to participate in the virtual job fair?

A: Yes. The Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour (Employment and Continuous Learning Branch) has made this available at no cost to
     employers and jobseekers. All you have to do is register for the event online.

Q: Can anyone participate?

A: Yes. You should be seeking employment in New Brunswick as the job postings are for opportunities in this province. The live event will be monitored by event staff (including the chat feature) so visitors should be attending for the purpose of finding employment and/or collecting career information. 

Q: What kinds of information will I need to provide and how will that information be stored/shared?

A: All information provided (names, contact information, etc) is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone without the express consent of the event participants. It is a feature of the event platform  that a digital copy of the chat transcripts between employers and job seekers can be saved by either party for future reference (speak to the event organizers if you require more details). All information provided by participants will be securely deleted post-event. For more information about the Province of New Brunswick’s Privacy Policy, please follow the link at the bottom of the webpage.  

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