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                                       The virtual job fair provides an opportunity for employers to connect with potential candidates in an environment similar to a traditional job fair
                                       setting but using technology to recruit online. This saves money, time and resources for employers. It also extends recruitment reach as this
                                       platform has been used effectively for national and international recruitment. This page will provide information on how virtual job fairs work and
                                       the process to participate as a booth exhibitor.

​                                       It is free for employers to participate but your business must be located in New Brunswick. If you are interested in establishing a
                                       business in New Brunswick please contact Opportunities NB.

If there is a Workforce Consultant that you currently work with, please contact them about participating in the virtual job fair.

Click here for link to WorkingNB offices    Toll free: 1-888-434-7070

If you are not currently working with a Workforce Consultant, click here. Please provide the name of your business, where it is located and your contact information.
 A representative will connect you with a Workforce Consultant in your region to discuss recruitment options and to sign up for the virtual job fair.

                                                                             Once booth space has been confirmed for your company, there are a few things you will need to prepare for the event;

                                                                              1.  Assign a minimum of two staff to be available for the live event hours of the virtual job fair.

                                                                              2.  Obtain  a good quality .jpeg version of your company logo that can be uploaded to your exhibitor booth

                                                                              3.  Prepare your job postings. You can supply a link to job postings on your company website or provide downloadable
                                                                                   content in (.doc or .pdf format)

                                                                              4.  Prepare any handouts or promotional material you wish to have available in your booth. Should be .pdf format

                                                                             5.   If you have a corporate video describing what your company does, it should be included. This is an effective tool that 
                                                                                   will add value to your booth.

​The Workforce Consultant you are communicating with (Step 1) will collect the material needed to set up your booth and answer any questions you may have about preparing for the event. You will have an opportunity to view the booth and make changes before the event.

Employers will be provided with instructions on how to use the virtual platform and will have access to try it before the actual event starts. WorkingNB staff will be online during the event to help and answer questions.

Every representative will have to register separately to participate in the event. It is only required once and the email that booth representatives provide will be their login access for this (and future events).

It is very important that booth representatives register and do a system test before the event to ensure everything is working and any issues can be resolved.

In addition to the ability to chat in real time with potential candidates, employers will be able to track numbers of visitors to their booths, upload resumes, collect resources on supports from provincial and federal governments and gain access to additional recruitment tools.

1. Contact a WorkingNB office to connect with a Workforce Consultant. They can assist you with your HR needs.

2. Another recruitment tool that employers can use to make it easier to find talent with the right skills is the Job Matching platform. It works independently from the virtual job fair, but is another effective tool in your organization's recruitment strategy. You can find specific skill sets you are looking for in the region and communicate directly with the candidates you want to hire. Sign up now and add your job postings.

Create your profile today by visiting and select the region in which you are looking for or offering opportunities. It is completely FREE to use.

Once you have a profile, you can affiliate yourself or your organization to any of the other communities simply by selecting the community and logging into your account. This will allow you to receive messages notifying you of job fairs, services, etc.  


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